Monday, December 12, 2011

big tree!

so our own tree finally got put up--
long after most of the city trees.
i had long gone back and forth
about whether or not to buy the big tree
this year.  we had talked about it last year,
and i had hoped to,
but as i was rolling those endless balls
i was thinking,
well maybe i don't even have enough of these things
to cover a big tree.
and so i finally resolved myself
to live with the little tree
just one more christmas.
and so we all gathered round,
turned on the christmas music
got out all the boxes,
and started to decorate
that little old tree.
and i could soon see
that there were actually plenty of the felt ball garland,
in fact i only used half on that tree.
and after it was all decorated and beautiful,
i stood back and took a look,
and said to myself
you know what,
this little guy
who only comes up to my waist
is cute and all,
but he just doesn't cut it anymore.
and i took the girls after school the next day
to pick out the tallest tree we could find.
and we took everything off
and put a new proud tree in its place.
and i am happy.

i bought these little folk dolls
at the artisans' fair last christmas,
but my big tree requires more!
and so the fair happens to be this week,
and i'm hoping i can track down some
more lovely ladies to join their friends
on our tree.

and after failing to find a star that i liked,
or one that went along with the theme,
i was resolved to make my own,
which i did by embroidering some felt
and covering an ikea star.

oh, and that tree skirt
that i had sworn to make this year?
well, let's just say
that one is getting shoved onto next year's
"holiday notes" list--
with a side note to purchase the fabric
in the summer.
i got no further than cutting a circle out of an old sheet,
when painting the backdrop
for the church nativity took my every evening hour
for a week,
and i decided the old sheet will have to do
this year--
but promises of better preparation next year
will hopefully get us something better.

and there she stands.
our big, tall tree!!!


emsb said...

Your tree is lovely! Your star is beautifully made! We always use a white sheet around the base of our tree...makes it look like a tree in a snowy forest. When my boys were little we sometimes put their toy train around the tree in the "snow." So, you can relax about making the tree skirt...and do more baking instead!

Anonymous said...

as always you are so talented...