Wednesday, December 14, 2011

eco-friendly wrapping

and with a tree in place,
well of course the gift wrapping
can not be far behind.
children need anticipation!

this year
i also did something
i've meant to for several years now.
it may actually have been inspired
by my children,
those times they "played birthday"
and would wrap up "gifts"
in scarves and shawls--
of course i was the one doing the tying
and i thought to myself,
this could not possibly be easier
and it looks lovely.
of course it is also inspired
by the sick feeling in my stomach
when i see the mounds of crumpled and torn
wrapping paper
on christmas morning--
thinking of all the christmas mornings
going on around the world
and all the wads and bags and bundles
headed straight for the dump.

and so this year
i tried something new
and purchased a meter-and-a-half or two
of my favorite natural-colored linen.
i wrapped the gifts up,
just as i would with paper,
and in fact scotch turned out to hold it in place
just fine--
(although some subsequent handling of gifts
by snooping children
has resulted in a re-taping or two)--
i tied them up with random ribbon pieces
and voila!
eco-friendly wrapping.

(next year i plan to use the same pieces--
although it will take a bit more work
to fit them all right)


emsb said...

I did something similar...made fabric gift bags with the ribbons stitched on....we use them every year for Christmas and birthdays....just fold them up when you are done and put them away until another time. No it! You will be so glad you are doing this! Your linen is so pretty and will work for any occasion. I just put our gifts out on Christmas Eve after the kids went to, no peeking! I did catch my little guy looking in a cupboard however :-)

lesa said...

I think this is a great idea! And your presents look very pretty under the tree.

Davian said...

i love this! i am totally doing this next year...

mer said...

love it Jen. gorgeous.