Thursday, December 22, 2011

handmade chocolates

as we listened to
my favorite christmas album of the year
david ian's vintage christmas,
we handcrafted chocolates
for our family gift this year.

we melted down some high quality chocolate bars
(in the microwave
which was made for melting chocolate)
and filled little silicon cups
in all sorts of shapes,
adding our own surprise treats
in the middle.

then they get popped into the freezer--
and then popped out of their forms
when the kids are already nestled
all snug in their beds.
ikea provided perfect little paper cups
and gift boxes

in which we wrapped them up
to be gifted on christmas eve.

we got a ton more snow today
which will make our trip to the farm tomorrow
and the sleigh ride outing lovely.
after which it will be time
to start setting the table,
whipping up the pecan pie,
and doing last minute preparations.

christmas is in the air!

1 comment:

Maggie Ann said...

Your chocolates look lovely. The children & I used to make them like you do, many years ago. Now I melt a bit of chocolate and coat cereal with it....or pretzels. I just read of a recipe I do want to make though. Put a hershey kiss on mini pretzels & put in the oven at low temp. a minute or two..then take out and press one M&M on top of the melty kiss. Sounds quick and the picture was pretty. Warmest wishes for a Happy Christmas!