Wednesday, December 21, 2011

happy anniversary!

my wedding was so long ago
that i could only scrounge up
one digital photo--
of such terrible quality
and with such a silly smile--
here it is, in all it's glory,
from 10 years ago.
10 years ago!!!

alex and i thought a bit
about how to celebrate such a milestone.
we did have a big trip last october--
and when our friends invited us to israel,
well, that was one place we've wanted to go
ever since we were dating.
we entertained the idea for awhile
and pondered on whether or not to take the children,
and finally decided
to make a big trip of it
and take everyone
and see everything
and do it all.

i know, it is.
we've never done anything like it.
and so, maybe it is fitting for a 10-year anniversary?

it's taken a lot of work,
and like i said,
it way goes against our travel style
which is not to plan anything.
but you will find a word file
on my computer, with an itinerary planned
down to every day's activity,
with even a few restaurants planned in.
can we pull it off?
i think so.
andreas makes me a bit nervous,
as he's a mere two years old
and can certainly be a challenge.
but other than that,
the girls can handle it.
and we're taking enough time to hopefully be able
to take it easy,
and do things at a child's pace.

in any case,
preparation for this
has gotten me quite excited.
my scriptures have already come to life,
just thinking about visiting these spots soon.

and so,
in the midst of my christmas planning,
i am also packing bags,
as we leave the day after christmas.
happy anniversary, to all of us!


Ann said...

happy 10! we celebrated our 12th yesterday. last week i didn't know if we were going to make it. :) alex is still a lucky guy

DeAnn said...

Have a great trip! I was going to go there for a study abroad, but went on a mission instead (do you remember that?). So I still need to get there... Happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Always be as happy as you can because love is life.