Friday, December 2, 2011

rollin' rollin' rollin'

and so now i will tell you
the first note i am making to self
for next year's holiday season:
figure out what the tree will be decorated with
in the beginning of november,
to allow time for preparation!

here it is december 2
and we are all anxious to put the tree up,
but i am still scrambling to roll those darn balls
for the felt ball garland!
i had the idea last year, but it was way too late,
and of course i only remembered about it
just recently.
and so i ran out to buy the wool,
found a tutorial on youtube
and have been rollin' rollin' rollin'
for a week now.
the skin on my hands
resembles pink alligator skin.
and i still have a whole bag left!
i'm determined to finish tomorrow
because the tree must go up
for it to feel christmasy around here.

although the advent was begun already,
and the music has been playing,
and my shopping is almost done. . .

i'm back to rollin'!

1 comment:

emsb said...

Those felt balls are really a project! Lots of rolling, hot water...and it is tough to get even, smooth results! Yours look really great! I cheated this year and bought some already to decide how to decorate thinking of embroidering some of them with white embroidery floss. What will you use to string yours for the garland?