Wednesday, December 28, 2011

tel aviv

oh, christmas was lovely,
especially the christmas eve gathering
around that decorated table
with the music and the food and the gifts,
the nativity, the festivity,
and of course the anticipation of what was to come. . .
christmas morning
and santa's unloading his (very large) pack
with what i will have to show you later. . .
although the day was spent packing,
since we left the next morning for

tel aviv!
and although moscow weather
kept us on the ground
(in the airplane!)
for an extra three hours,
and although our car has already been towed
(and recovered!)
we are here.
and loving every moment
of only having to wear sweaters
and ballet flats.
yesterday had us enjoying the park,
the art museum
and the shops of neve tsedek,
of course with falafel
and latkes and hummus to our heart's content--
and today we hit the flea market
and port of old jaffa
before heading up the coast to caesarea
and beyond.
if i can keep you posted, i will.

p.s. israeli's are oh-so-nice.
even that guy who towed our car.

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Maggie Ann said...

Oh wow. I can't even imagine. Thanks for sharing with posts.