Monday, December 5, 2011


the trees have all gone up!
(except for ours)

in the absence of thanksgiving,
there are no rules here
on when the trees can go up.
and just in these last six years
of living in moscow
i have noticed that they go up earlier and earlier
every year.
the big ones go up
on the big squares, at the big malls--
there are littler ones
outside of or in the window of every store.
even the little kiosks
prop a little 1.5-footer up on top of their roof.

so even if they're all doing it
for a different holiday,
at least it's the same tradition
and helps us to feel in the christmas spirit.
and now when our advent calendar
bids us to spend the evening
looking at christmas lights,
we will find plenty
to press our noses to those cold windows
to look at.

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