Wednesday, January 11, 2012


"it's so good to be home,"
alex said
as he plunked the last suitcase
in our entryway.

and as we laid in bed last night
before nodding off to sleep
i told him there are probably not too many people out there
who would attempt what we did:
seeing almost all the highlights of israel
in two weeks
with three little children.
we may be crazy
but we did it.
and it was unforgettable.
i keep asking the girls
what their favorite thing we did or saw was,
and they keep telling me different answers.
they even loved the tours
and the museums.

not sure when
i will be able to tell you about it--
as it will take a bit
to settle back into life
and get a hold on things.
but i can't wait to relive it again a little bit
as i sift through my photographs.
(this one is from the ein gedi nature reserve)


Mindi said...

Oh Jen, you have the cutest little family! I'll be anxiously awaiting your updates!

LKC said...

Can't wait to hear/read all about it. Even though it wasn't disneyland paris, I'm sure you still had a good time :)

Ps. Andreas is adorable.

pps. what's up with alex's facial hair?

greta said...

well until then I will settle for what I imagine it must have been like.