Tuesday, January 31, 2012

на вы!

one time when i experienced
-40 degrees
i took a picture of it.
and it was almost like you could see the air
completely frozen in place,
zinging and stinging every thing it touched.
back then
i wasn't even properly outfitted for such weather,
i wore what i had
(i was a humble missionary!)--
oh wait, i take that back,
i did have a fur hat.
i wish i had a picture to show you.

and now,
beyond my wildest imaginations
i live in almost as harsh a climate
as i did in those days.
after a mild holiday season
which hovered around freezing,
temps have dropped to zero and have stayed.
this year is the first year i've had a fur coat.
the second year i've had uggs.
hats are not fashion accessories but necessities--
nobody is without.
you take out your hand to make a 30-second phone call,
and you can't move it by the end of the conversation.
scarves are also not optional.
there are little clouds of steam
floating in front of everyone's nose
everywhere they go,
and your nose hairs freeze with every inhale.
i must admit,
it's during these short, dark and unrelenting days of winter
that i am forced to ask myself,
how did i end up here?

my husband has always told me,
с природой на вы!


DeAnn said...

My friend's son is there on a mission. I hope he's warm!!

Mindi said...

No fair, translate what Alex always tells you!

bkbsmiles said...

Very beautiful words and scenery. Stay warm! Barb of population-we