Thursday, January 26, 2012

desert country

oh yes,
the safety question.
let's just say, that i was prepared for much worse.
and in fact,
i see a whole lot more security around here
than i did there.
never once did we feel
even a little bit uneasy--
not even crossing the borders into the west bank
(where a wave of the passport
was all that was needed),
and not even in jericho at night.
security was a non-issue.

and so the last part of our trip
was spent traveling south from jerusalem,
which found us in desert terrain--
which offered some stunning views.
especially those from masada,
king herod's desert fortress
perched at the top of a mountain.

we also had a picnic
and took a little hike
at the ein gedi nature reserve
where the kids entertained themselves
by spotting ibex ("mom, i see an iback!")
and hyrax--
those little mammals you see in the tree.

and from there
it was finally on to the dead sea--
something that milla had been begging us
to move up in the itinerary from the day we arrived.

she wasn't even afraid of the mud.

we got there at the end of the day
when all the crowds had cleared out
and we had the whole beach to ourselves.
and while we didn't have a whole day to float around
(an incredible experience),
it had been worth the anticipation.

and after that we gradually made our way
back to tel aviv

and back home to moscow's zero degrees,
with fond memories in our pockets!


Sue said...

What an amazing trip you all had!


Jen Anderson said...

wow! the pictures are remarkable and all the places you saw, wow! those really are some of the most beautiful pictures!! just beautiful jen!

Mindi said...

Wow Jen. What dream! I've loved being reminded of all those places you visited. It was similar to my own itinerary (oh so long ago!)... but how wonderful to share them with your family!

Something I will continue to only dream about...

SweetpeainFrance said...

Amazingly wonderful! Lucky you!

Carrie said...

What a great experience! So glad you got to go and thanks so much for sharing the beautiful photos. I love Milla and the mud : ) I didn't know I wanted to go there until now. Your photographs are so inspiring and your thoughts are as well. Stay warm! I well remember those FREEZING days.