Tuesday, January 24, 2012

O Jerusalem

what a place.
nowhere else in the world
can claim to even be similar.

one of the most memorable,
awe-inspiring, intense, and впечатляющее
places i've ever stepped foot into.

we stayed in the old city.
arrived at night
and saw the western wall from above
almost first thing,
which remained one of the most
captivating places during our whole stay there.

we got our own chance
to put our own little prayers in--
as tradition bade.

the church of the holy sepulchre,

and the church that stands
at the garden of gethsemane

which stands and looks over a spot
so holy
my camera felt a sacrilege
but i had to have my own image
to help me remember
the feeling that i felt there--
pondering what these very trees witnessed
2000 years ago.

a quick afternoon trip
to bethlehem

took us to the church of the nativity
where the kids lit their own candles

where we paid homage
to the place where the Holy One was born.

and also to the tomb
where perhaps the Savior was buried
to rise again.



perfectly indescribable. 


marlamuppets said...

lovely pictures. what an experience. so glad you got to go and take your sweet family.
there was no line at the tomb! how neat is that. there were throngs of people when i was there. a little hard to feel something, but i still did. prez kimball said that was indeed the place where the Savior was resurrected.

Susan said...

I love this last pic of you and your beautiful family. Love and miss you all!

Ann said...

I've never had any desire to go there until now. And ditto: beautiful family

Marilyn said...

Love your blog as always...and the family who lives it! Is that a shark that Avi is looking at so intently? love ya...Marilyn

christine said...

wow. just wow. thanks for sharing these! amazing experience for you guys.

Amanda said...

Jen it was so wonderful to travel with you through all these ancient cities. You pictures helped me feel as if I was there. I love what you said in an older post about your kids appreciating it more than the teens. I will never shrink from taking my own little ones on memorable trips. Thanks for sharing:)

greta said...

Jen thank you so much for sharing these with me! Your pictures are AMAZING and I feel so much just by looking at them. I can't imagine what you felt being there. Thank you