Monday, January 16, 2012

tel aviv, jaffa & caesarea

so we arrived in tel aviv
as hanukkah was going on--
which meant donuts and menorahs galore.
the kids loved spotting the menorahs all over the city.

it was here
that we enjoyed parks, shops, the art museum,
and endless car trouble with our brand new rental
(i.e. car towed, $150 parking ticket,
and getting the battery replaced).

and of course our whole itinerary was thrown off
before we even got to israel--
after sitting on the airplane for three hours
trying to get out of moscow.
but it was alright.
i knew that would happen.

we spent most of a day
exploring jaffa--
a very cool area of tel aviv


and of course its flea market
though my company didn't allow
for much indulgence here.

after a few days
we headed up the coast
to caesarea.

 that also happened to be
probably the warmest day we encountered--
which allowed for even a little bit of swimming
between exploring the ruins
and having lunch
(sweet potato ravioli!)
overlooking the mediterranean.

 and this little guy
was actually not one of the ones
that got to take a dip,
but don't worry
he got plenty wet.


Sue said...

Looks like a wonderful trip. Did you feel safe there? I've heard varying reports on that.


Ann said...

Wow, wow, wow. I'm so lucky that with you I get to see parts of the world I wouldn't otherwise.