Wednesday, February 29, 2012

christmas treasures

yes i realize
that christmas was already 2 months ago,
but i never did get a chance
to write about ours.
and when i stumbled upon
that gift from the girls
from the bottom of their big little hearts,
i had to etch it into the
"things mom will never forget" book.

i still remember the night when they thought
to go about their secret business.
we still haven't made much of an effort
to include them in the gift-giving business
at christmas time.
all the gifts just end up being from us.
and so as i was busy in my room
going about my secret business
with the scotch tape and the ribbons,
they also wanted to participate.
and they asked for a little cloth gift bag
that i had among my boxes--
and then they disappeared into their room,
only to emerge ever-so-proudly
twenty minutes later
with a bulging gift bag,
with a gift tag lovingly addressed
to "mom and dad" from "milla and avi."
and my anticipation on christmas morning
may have been as great as theirs
to open that sweet little gift
they had prepared.
and the contents:
-a clay heart on a broken toothpick
made at kindergarten by avi
-a wooden folk doll painstakingly painted by avi
at the craft festival last fall
-a pair of wings from united airlines
they got years ago
-a clay pyramid made by milla at school
-a little porcelain doll given to them by grandma--
well justified my anticipation,
that little bag was so full of love
of the tenderest kind.
even though they told me
they still would like to be able
to play with one of the items,
if they ever wanted to. . .

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SweetpeainFrance said...

So sweet....... such treasure!