Friday, February 10, 2012


and now,
if you'll recall with me,
we were having a new bed made.
and how, you may ask,
did that "long month" turn into two years?
(where does the time go?)
well let's just say. . .
we ended up choosing france that summer
over a new bed.

and since then, it's been a long road back.
first there was the move,
then there was the first hurdle
which was to purchase a new mattress
we desperately needed.
how long we slept on that old squeaky bed
which woke both of us,
every time somebody would turn over.
and then after finally getting a new mattress
we got rid of the bed--
preferring the floor
to that old squeaky thing.
though by that point, the end was in sight.

in december we finally pulled everything together again,
got the old drawings out--
picked the paint, the finish, the fabric. . .

and finally, finally!
she was delivered this week
and graces our bedroom.


Amanda said...

Jen that bed is gorgeous! Well worth the wait. Can you have one sent to me too please:)

Davian said...

so pretty. you must be so happy with how it turned out!

Amy Asay said...

wooow. It's gorgeous!

mer said...

gorgeous jen. what that must be like, to design and order a bed. love it.