Wednesday, February 8, 2012

girls night out

last night
was girls' night out:
mom, grandma and the girls
froze ourselves to the newly renovated
moscow conservatory
for works by
rimsky-korsakov, taneyev, and tchaikovsky.
we landed ourselves front row seats
and found ourselves right under
the cello section.
it made it all the more interesting
for the young viewers--
of which i really have to be proud of--
sometimes i'm amazed they sit through
two hours so well
(and won't leave when given the choice
during the intermission).
i love to answer their random questions
all through the concert--
to get a glimpse of what's going through their minds
during those two hours.
i myself was thoroughly fascinated
watching the conductor,
yuri simonov,
who was artistically masterful
and must be an actor during the day.

and my own little actress
kept us warm by having us play choo-choo train
all the way back to the car afterwards.


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Sweetpea in France said...

I never cease to be in admiration of your skills as a parent.........