Friday, February 3, 2012

little swimmers

there's definitely something
about making your children
into something you are not--on purpose
(i.e. making sure they don't end up like you).
i guess i never really learned how to swim
because we didn't ever swim much
when i was a kid.
no pool in the backyard, no neighborhood pool--
so i was never into it.

my husband is a great swimmer.
and we put the girls in their first swim lessons
when they were two and four.
but now this year we've had them going
twice a week
and the progress is amazing.
in fact,
i was telling alex just the other day,
it's becoming scary for me.
i used to be able to sit and watch them
be scared or reserved--
sympathetic when they didn't want to put their heads in.
but now instead
i watch them play in the deep end of the pool
for as long as i will let them,
while i hold my own breath--
milla diving to the bottom for six rings at a time,
avi doing crazy jumps,
flat on her stomach, or onto somebody else--
she's not afraid.

i marvel at how they have adapted.
how easily they can do something i can't.
how brave they are.
how moldable, how teachable.

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Maggie Ann said...

Good for your girls! I'm with you when it comes to swimming. It just was'nt part of our life when we grew up.