Monday, February 20, 2012


friday night found us
at a masquerade ball at the ritz-carlton--
a charity fundraiser
for the international women's club.

although the girls
were most disappointed
when i came home with my dress for the ball
and they didn't find any petticoats, bows,
lace, sequins or hoop-skirts,
and of course also asked
if perhaps they would be able to go next year?
(they do have the petticoats. . .!)

we had the most enjoyable company
of alex's parents
who happen to be very accomplished dancers
who certainly showed us up,
though quite humbly.
alex and i did make a bit of an attempt,
amidst recommitting ourselves again
to those dance lessons.

but the mimes, the music,
the artists, the ballet dancers,
the canapes, the soloists,
the atmosphere. . .
i almost felt myself back in the 18th century!

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