Thursday, February 16, 2012

mid-week date

i know not everyone
gets into valentines day,
but i love any excuse
for alex to take me out
right in the middle of the week.
even if it means he couldn't get off soon enough
and there was the notorious v-day traffic
which nearly shuts down the city
and i had to stand and wait for him in the cold
when we met by arbat.
and because of that
we had to go to the concert a bit hungry
and save our dining for afterwards.

he took me to see the puppini sisters
at the estrada theatre on the river--
those sassy retro british girls
who dance, play violins & accordians
and sing with lovely voices.

and after that
we walked through the snowy night
down the river a bit
to the strelka bar
and met dasha & misha for a late dinner
with virgin mojitos and the pecan maple tart for dessert--
all well worth the growling stomach
during the concert.

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Sue said...

Sounds wonderful!