Wednesday, February 22, 2012


the girls' favorite momento
they put into their suitcases in israel
were these mini mosaics.
after all the different mosaics we saw,
the loaves and the fishes at tabgha,
the ruins at masada,
the church of all nations at gethsemane. . .
it was a fitting piece of israel
for them to take home.

avi chose the menora
and milla the pomegranate.
and they spent hours
placing all those little stones in just the right spot,
then cementing them all in,
and washing them clean.

and anytime they were not looking,
i found myself placing some little tiles
because i couldn't help it.
i regretted not getting bringing one home myself.
a big one.

if it fit in with my decor a little better
i'd put a few in my home.
why is it such a lost art?

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