Tuesday, February 14, 2012

v day

happy happy
st. valentine's day!

i stayed up late on sunday
to pull together a little something
for my girls
which i have been meaning to do for a long time
but needed a deadline for,
if you know what i mean.
they loved finding the little necklaces
and valentines with their names on them
at the breakfast table this morning.
and i loved that school was finally cancelled
for milla because of the cold--
in fact she was home sick yesterday anyway
and we have been laying low at home,
reminiscing about the days
we were all home together all the time!
we turned up zaz
to accompany our lazy breakfast
and then spent time crafting, playing games,
music, reading books together etc.

and tonight,
alex promises a lineup of festivities--
and in fact he just called
and i'm off to get dressed!


Maggie Ann said...

How sweet....she looks very happy! Happy Valentine's Day to you all. Those are happy days indeed when the children are still at home.

Christine said...

Jen, you are such an amazing mom. I love, LOVE all of you pictures and stories. You are super gifted! Miss you!