Thursday, March 8, 2012

ceramic cups

my efforts to de-plasticize my house
probably began with my children's dinnerware.

it's definitely tough
to find something as practical as plastic, for sure.
for something that gets banged, thrown, dropped. . .

i love the bunny enamelware--
but when they get dropped, they chip, then they rust,
and their days are done.
the plate has lasted for us,
but both the bowl and the cute cup are goners.

but when i saw this post
about those cute la fermiere yogurt cups--
i started a little collection.
and one day realized
they are the perfect little cups for him.
the perfect size for his little hands,
ceramic, cute,
and come with delicious french yogurt inside.
and if one ever breaks
(which hasn't happened yet)
we'll just grab another one.

1 comment:

Davian said...

is this really about bragging that you can get le fermier yogourt where you are? lucky duck.