Friday, March 2, 2012

doctors & ice cream

it's sort of become a given now,
that treat that accompanies
a trip to the doctor.

milla happens to be
our worrier and our drama queen,
and so the impending trip to the doctor
is something that could keep her up at night.
she's so deathly scared of shots
(she swears she will never bear children
because of it--
even avi was saying today
that she wants to marry a man that already has children).
it's just a bit of pink eye,
and we've been to the eye doctor plenty of times,
so she didn't have too much to worry about,
though maybe it didn't help
when i joked that the doctor
was just going to take her eye out and paint it white again. . .

but we certainly made it through,
despite the old brute of a soviet doctor
who doesn't want to explain a thing--
you have to sit and pry information out of her
and she makes you feel like you are
really bothering her and wasting her time. . .
(never mind that she put her novel away
when you knocked on her door).
we came out with a prescription for some eye drops
and headed straight for the ice cream freezer.

and when i finished mine in a couple of minutes
i realized the book store wasn't going to let us in
with any dripping cones,
and so we had to stand on the street
for 15 more minutes
while milla licked away.
of course i asked her if she couldn't take a bite or two
to speed things up a bit,
but she kindly reminded me
that she couldn't--
she lost her top two front teeth last week.
and so we stood there a bit longer.
i let her enjoy it--
since she was about to go home
to scream bloody murder
about getting the drops put in her eyes.

it's tough to be seven.
and have pink eye.
and have to go to a soviet doctor.
and lose your two front teeth.
and have to get eye drops put in. . .

1 comment:

lindsay said...

this was a good post jen. i can just picture milla taking her sweet time with that ice cream cone in sub zero weather as you stand there and wait... (smile). it IS tough to be seven. i remember those days!!! no front teeth can be rough on a girl! :)

ps: please teach me how to take pictures like you... please?