Monday, March 19, 2012

london highlights

 it was exactly three years ago
that i spent my first week in london--
finding myself in awe at big ben, westminster abbey
and the tate modern.
though i was newly pregnant on that trip
and remember literally having to drag myself around
the exhaustion and the nausea
were just beginning to set in.

but this trip
was not tainted by such trial
and instead i had the energy and the freedom
of a bird,
with crisp, early spring weather
to breathe new life into my veins.

of course the number one delight
was reuniting with dear friends
and spending time with them
catching up, reminiscing and scheming future rendezvous,
but a few other highlights include:

-concert at st. martin in the fields
-the national gallery
-paul (the cafe, not your husband, linds)

-boat ride on the thames
-borough market (the comte!)
-dinner in the oxo tower
-seeing pitmen painters at the duchess theatre
(so good!)

-the geffrye musuem of interiors
-shopping at zara with pounds, not rubles!
-the french patisseries

-the blossoms, oh those magnolias!!!

-english bookstores
-the parks, the trees, the rowhouses!
-indian food
-and on my last night i miraculously scored a ticket
to an intimate soprano/harpsichord concert
in the handel house--
in the very room he himself composed in.

and back in moscow
my family held themselves together
without me, believe it or not.  
they gave me the warmest welcome
with balloons, cake, cards and a homemade dinner--
it almost felt like my birthday.


Mindi said...

went on a date to the Pitman Painters on Friday... and thought of you. :) thanks for the recommendation. SO good to see you!! Hope it's months and not years before we get to see you again! :)

marlamuppets said...

gorgeous london! so fun with instagram. glad you had such a fun birthday.