Tuesday, March 6, 2012

reading russian

one thing about russian--
as hard a language as it is,
learning to read it
is really quite simple.

milla learned to read english first,
because we happened to be in america
for a couple months,
and my mother took it on.
she caught on very fast
and after that, russian came
without any effort.

now avi is about that age
and is learning how to read--
though russian, not english.
and even though it's not her favorite thing to do,
she does quite well.

i remember being so annoyed
when i was first learning russian
and i would ask somebody how to spell something,
and they would just say the word more slowly,
instead of spelling out the letters.
because every letter sounds the same
every time you meet it.
when i asked alex if they have
a "spelling" subject in school,
he laughed and said of course not.
if you can say the word, you know how to spell it.

and so i still have that daunting english
to teach her how to read--
which she's not going to get in school.
full of those:
"now this letter can sound like 
this, or like this, or like this,
or sometimes you don't hear him at all. . ."

i think i'll keep putting it off.

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LKC said...

I'll have to show you the books that O brings home from school when you get here. They're great little first readers. You can buy them here.